Joanna Szachowska’s paintings have appeared on the covers of a number of the world’s best-selling books, such as „Twerp” by Mark Goldblatt, „The Piano Teacher” by Elfriede Jelinek, „No Laughing Matter” by Joseph Heller, „Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” by ZZ Packer, „When I Forgot” by Elina Hirvonen,”The Family Muscat” by Isaak Singer, „April Witch” and „The Woman I never Was” by Majgull Axelsson, „A History Of God” by Karen Armstrong, and „Rose Water and Soda Bread” by Marsha Mehran, to mention just a few examples.

She says: „I have to admit I love this job! Firstly, I have to read a manuscript. And because I love to read, then how can I not to like this work. When I read, sometimes unconsciously, my intuitive mind begins to weave an image. Sometimes only scraps – teasing with me – it do not want to show me the whole picture. And sometimes, boom! Glare! The image appears right away. Then another enjoyable part of the project starts. Drawing, scanning, collaging, wiping, having fun with texture. Nice, well-designed cover always attracts my attention. I am happy I was able to create more than 50 of them. I often think of my covers as about my children … standing on the shelves of readers. Do they have good care in their new house? Do they give joy to their new parents?”

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