If you are an obsessive collector and you collect old prints, books, papers. When you see the potential of a new illustration in every clipping … then a collage is your natural path. Things that for others can be only trash, are treasures for me: old stamps, scraps of materials, prints, account books, tickets, tattered photographs. Joining fragments of images scattered in space into one, merging them with my own line, lick of paint here, calligraphy there, rough texture … Creating collages, it is like giving a new expression to what is useless, abandoned, unwanted. Breathing new life into what was supposed to fade away, to be forgotten.

Joanna Szachowska were published in editorial illustrations for both Polish and international magazines (The New York Times USA, The Patent Office UK, BC Business Magazine Canada, Style Magazine USA, American Lawyer USA, Element Magazine Canada, Pressley Jacobs Canada etc.) Since then she has worked for both advertising and editorial clients, creating many visuals for magazines, promo materials, calendars and books.

Proud & happy to be worldwide represented by Three In A Box Illustration Agency since January 2000.

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