The National Law Journal/ „UNDER THE MICROSCOPE” / April 2019

Joanna Szachowska -Tarkowska made her art debut at the age of 16, with her drawings and poems being published in Polish youth magazine „Na Przelaj”. Since then she has been continuing her artistic pursuits by uninterruptedly exploring various creative media and techniques.

Her career as a painter started with magical realism, with her colorful works gaining popularity at various individual and group exhibitions. Her paintings have appeared on the covers of a number of the world’s best-selling books, such as „Twerp” by Mark Goldblatt, „The Piano Teacher” by Elfriede Jelinek, „No Laughing Matter” by Joseph Heller, „Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” by ZZ Packer, „When I Forgot” by Elina Hirvonen,”The Family Muscat” by Isaak Singer, „April Witch” and „The Woman I never Was” by Majgull Axelsson, „A History Of God” by Karen Armstrong, and „Rose Water and Soda Bread” by Marsha Mehran, to mention just a few examples.

Since 2000 she is internationally represented by Canadian illustration agency Three in A Box.  Joanna Szachowska has been working on the international market. Her work have been published in the LA Times, The Boston Globe, Washington Post, The New York Times USA, The National Law Journal, The Patent Office UK, BC Business Magazine Canada, Style Magazine USA, American Lawyer USA, Element Magazine Canada, Pressley Jacobs Canada, and a number of other magazines.  The style of her works is very recognizable.

Painterly backgrounds and rich textures can be found, and not only on canvas. Her collages and assemblages are rich in patinated and antiqued surfaces, stitches, fabric fragments with a touch of rust, or printouts combined with items of everyday use. Joanna paints by hiding and revealing strata in a dynamic process. Inspired by space and nature, her mixed-media works blend chaos and harmony in an expressionistic games of hide and seek which uncover layers of feeling and emotions. The paintings record subconscious states to show textured backgrounds, earthly colors and dynamics of spontaneous markings.

"The Wrong Tone" Illustration. Joanna Szachowska for Boston Globe

„The Wrong Tone” Illustration. Joanna Szachowska for Boston Globe

Does Beyoncé really understand what veganism is about? - The Bo
Illustration commissioned by Boston Globe.

Defining parks for the social good - The Boston Globe
Illustration commissioned by Boston Globe.

Illustration commissioned by Truft.

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